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About us

Who Belongs to ISPI?

Performance technologists, training directors, human resources managers, instructional technologists, human factors practitioners, and organizational consultants are members of ISPI. They work in a variety of settings including business, academia, government, health services, banking, and the armed forces.

A Focus on Performance and the ISPI Advantage

Workforce performance takes on new significance in our economic future. Human performance technology (HPT) — the systematic approach to improving productivity and competence — is the key to global competitiveness. Although training and education are critical to increasing competitiveness, meeting the educational challenge is only part of the answer. An effective human resource system needs an outstanding learning system, but it requires more; it requires a focus on performance. To improve human performance, we must manage the performance improvement system. That system must be the core of an organization’s human resource efforts if it is to maintain its competitiveness in the long run.
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