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About us

Goals and Principles

Goal 1: ISPI is recognized as the champion and leading resource for performance improvement.

Goal 2: ISPI members are engaged and satisfied.

Goal 3: ISPI is a resilient and sustainable organization.

Guiding Principles:

  • Maintain a global mindset.
  • Facilitate networking among practitioners.
  • Leverage opportunities.
  • Foster diversity and inclusion.
  • Value stakeholders.
  • Operate under the Standards of Performance Technology and the Code of Ethics of our profession.

With roots firmly planted in performance research and instructional design, the Society was founded in 1962 as the National Society for Programmed Instruction. Later, evolving with members who were concerned fundamentally with performance and its improvement, the Society changed its name to the National Society for Performance and Instruction. As the Society’s mission developed more globally and human performance technology became more widely regarded as a process of selection, analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of programs to most cost-effectively influence human behavior and accomplishment, we became the International Society for Performance Improvement.

The Ten Standards of Performance Improvement

Below are the 10 standards that should be held by a competent performance improvement practitioner. 
For more details on these 10 standards, see the ISPI international website. Also see the ISPI International Website for information in becoming a Certified Performance Technologist.

  1. Focus on results or outcomes
  2. Take a systemic view
  3. Add value
  4. Work in partnership with clients and stakeholders
  5. Determine need or opportunity
  6. Determine cause
  7. Design solutions including implementation and evaluation
  8. Ensure solutions’ conformity and feasibility
  9. Implement solutions
  10. Evaluate results and impact
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