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From Insights to Action: How Analysis Can Make You a Game-Changer

  • Tuesday, July 02, 2024
  • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Zoom
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 ISPI SoCal Presents

From Insights to Action:  How Analysis Can Make You a Game-Changer

Dawn M. Snyder

Interested in ruthlessly practical ways to have a measurable impact on the performance? Need guidance on how to consult with your clients to turn your insights into action?  This webinar is for you!

    Session Description

    Our analysis methodologies are the foundation for improving performance. As Performance Improvement (PI) professionals, we routinely analyze to gain insights. We then translate insights into actions. Unfortunately, we don’t always get the insights we need to figure out what to do next. Or, we obtain our findings, but fail to leverage them fully.

    This session focuses on how to translate analysis findings into a performance improvement strategy by following game-changing best practices.  It leverages insights and research from key thought leaders, including Judith Hale, Geary Rummler, Thomas Gilbert, Ingrid Guerra-Lopez, Steven Kelly, and Ronald Jacobs, as well as Dawn's extensive experiences in her consulting practice and graduate level teaching.  

    Participants will be provided slides from the presentation, a job aid to support translating insights to action, and access to a follow-up conversation with Dawn after the webinar. 

    About the Speaker

    Dawn M. Snyder helps organizations improve performance by crafting the right learning strategy and designing effective curricula to support critical initiatives and workforce/talent development. She consults on learning and performance strategies, curriculum architecture, performance assessment, evaluation and change management. Dawn has a proven track record of bringing practical, cutting-edge solutions to organizations who want to take performance to the next level. She helps these organizations achieve results using an interdisciplinary approach. She is the go-to consultant for initiatives that impact global learning and performance and talent development.

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