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The Case Against Habit – Where Mindful Leadership Shines

  • Tuesday, September 12, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Zoom
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 ISPI SoCal Presents

The Case Against Habit – Where Mindful Leadership Shines

John Lazar

Two vectors always come together: habitual ways of thinking and acting and the environment we try to navigate. Under many circumstances, our old, automatic ways enable us to get to our destination. But in a rapidly changing world, contexts shift, habits are a poor fit, and our ‘autopilot’ takes us off course. Not only is this true in our personal life (where self-leadership is the operative skillset) but also professionally (where our leadership can make the difference between thriving, surviving, and failing). What can we do about this?

    Session Description

    MYPRISM Override Your Autopilot Choose Mindful Leadership, a book written by six leadership coaches, offers the reader a framework for both anticipating and interrupting autopilot breakdowns. The required shifts in mindset and perspective, values, skillset, and practices move a leader towards curiosity, humility, courage to experiment, discipline, and clarity. Each letter of the MYPRISM acronym stands for a piece of the puzzle.
    M is for Mindfulness
    Y is for asking the question, “Why?”
    P is for Perspective
    R is for Reality
    I is for Inquiry
    S is for Staging
    M is for Move

    About the Speaker

    John Lazar MA, MCC, CPIF, IOC Fellow, has been a coach and management consultant since 1983, including 28 years as a leadership/executive coach to CEOs and Presidents, business owners, executives, senior managers and teams through his company. More recently, he also worked as a profit acceleration coach for small business owners.

    John’s coaching engagements are built on a foundation of trust, candor and mutual respect with the coaching client. He brings a sense of humor, a deep appreciation for context, and an edgy, provocative curiosity that helps clients think more broadly and deeply. John’s clients tend to develop their socially and emotionally intelligent leadership and management skills, enabling them to deliver elevated and sustained levels of execution and business results.

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