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e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: 25 Years Later, with Ruth Clark

  • Tuesday, May 02, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Zoom
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 ISPI SoCal Presents

e-Learning and the Science of Instruction: 25 Years Later, with Ruth Clark

Ruth Clark, PhD

Are you keeping up with advancements in Learning Science so you can optimize your own work? Join us for an informative webinar with Ruth Clark, an expert in evidence-based eLearning, to discover how Learning Science has evolved and what you need to know now. With a focus on multimedia, you can learn about the timeless principles that still hold true, what's new, and what's next. 

    Session Description

    Rich Mayer and I wrote the first edition of e-Learning and the Science of Instruction in 2000-2001. Before Facebook, before the IPhone, before YouTube. Now 25 years later, we just completed the 5th edition.

    In this session we will look at what principles have held the test of time, what has changed, and what is the future of multimedia research.

    We will look at the evolution of Rich Mayer’s multimedia principles: multimedia, contiguity, coherence, modality, redundancy, and coherence. In particular we will review how meta-analytic research has shaped these principles by revealing the boundary conditions under which they are most applicable.

    We will summarize new research trends including:

    • a focus on motivation
    • use of eye tracking
    • ways to best use new technologies such as Immersive Virtual Reality for learning 
    We will jointly consider how technology such as AI and the shift in post-Covid work patterns will impact instructional design and delivery.

    About the Speaker

    A recognized specialist in instructional design and technical training, Dr. Clark holds a doctorate in Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology from the University of Southern California. Prior to founding CLARK Training & Consulting, Dr. Clark served as training manager for Southern California Edison. She is past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement and author of seven books and numerous articles. Dr. Clark is the 2006 recipient of the Thomas F. Gilbert Distinguished Professional Achievement Award from ISPI.

    Check out her website for articles and books, and keep an eye out for the upcoming 5th edition of e-Learning and the Science of Instruction with Rich Mayer.

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