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Science Meets Story: How to Use Storytelling to Create Better Learning

  • Tuesday, October 04, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
  • Zoom
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 ISPI SoCal Presents

Science Meets Story: How to Use Storytelling to Create Better Learning

Michael Boulter

Telling stories is one of the most powerful ways to forge connections, share knowledge, and draw people in. It’s also one of the most effective ways that people learn. When done right, storytelling does more than capture attention—it activates a brain state that makes people more open to learning and growing.

Are you using the full power of story in your learning experiences?

    Session Description

    This webinar will share the science behind story and why it’s so effective in learning. We’ll cover the brain science of storytelling, share several narrative frameworks for structuring a story, and see real examples of story-based learning in practice across different mediums and modalities.

    This session will challenge the idea that stories in learning are limited to scenarios and videos. We’ll explore practical ways to integrate elements of story throughout the learning process to bring a story—and a learning experience—to life.

    What you will learn:

    • The science behind story and why it’s so effective in learning
    • Tools for creating effective narrative structures for any learning medium
    • Real-life examples of storytelling in learning to inspire you to do it yourself
    • Bonus guide for all registrants sharing how to apply narrative structures to their own learning
    About the Speaker

    Michael Boulter is a thought leader, speaker, and director of strategy at Maestro, a learning innovation company. An engineer by trade, he is an expert in applying the principles of engineering to help teams of all kinds identify and solve problems, increase performance, and think creatively.

    Michael currently leads a team of strategists committed to inspiring change through learning using innovative design, technology, and media. He and his team are constantly exploring the learning landscape and evaluating the theories, studies, and emerging trends that will empower them to deliver the best possible solutions. Under his leadership, the company has been recognized and rewarded within the learning industry, including two recent Gold Awards from the Brandon Hall Awards.

    In his free time, Michael lends his talents back to the community—like helping to build a bystander intervention program for college students.

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