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Embracing Autism and Neurodiversity in the Workplace | Diversity Fireside Chat with Jessica Lee, Co-Founder of NeuroTalent Works

  • Thursday, March 24, 2022
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Zoom | Pacific Time (PDT)


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 ISPI SoCal Presents: Jessica Lee, Co-Founder of NeuroTalent Works
Connecting Performance Improvement to Diversity Series

In this ISPI SoCal Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Accessibility interview,  Jessica Lee, is Executive Director and Co-Founder of NeuroTalent Works, a non-profit organization advancing neurodiversity inclusion and connecting employers to neurodivergent. 

Session Description:

Join ISPI SoCal as we discuss autism and neurodiversity (diverse ways of thinking, learning, and behaving). Our speaker, Jessica Lee, says, “neurodivergent workers must be part of a company’s broader neurodiversity hiring initiatives.” In this session, you’ll learn about neurodivergent communities –– employees with cognitive or developmental differences, such as dyslexia and autism. Participants will have the opportunity to ask themselves: How can I build more inclusive talent management and attraction practices for neurodivergent candidates and colleagues. 


  • What does it mean to be on the autism spectrum?  
  • What unique skills and abilities does neurodiversity bring to the workplace?  
  • How can we better integrate colleagues who are on the spectrum or who have a developmental/cognitive difference?  
  • What do neurodivergent individuals wish others knew about autism and what they have to contribute to the world? 
  • How can we be allies and advocates for neurodiversity?

About the Speaker:

Jessica Lee (she, her) is Executive Director and Co-Founder of NeuroTalent Works, a non-profit organization advancing neurodiversity inclusion (a diversity of minds) in the workplace and connecting employers to neurodivergent talent (individuals with cognitive differences such as autism).

Jessica's work focuses on inclusion and neurodiversity in the workplace as an impetus for greater societal change and acceptance. She was recently featured in the Harvard Business Review [hbr.org]

Before starting NeuroTalent Works, Jessica was a management consultant with global IT firm Capgemini and a program manager with the nation’s largest gas utility, SoCalGas. Jessica earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business and International Relations at the University of Southern California and an Executive Certificate in Social Impact Strategy at the University of Pennsylvania. 


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